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Save the time you spend in monitoring and organizing your workers hours and pay/bill rates across their projects.

Our team will maintain, organize and verify their work information on your behalf.

A solution designed to enhance your current process

How are you keeping track of your workers schedule, rates and projects? Are your work hours being recorded using a timesheet app or submmitting paper timesheets?

Your project scope will determine the solution our team provides. Our priority is to introduce minimal changes to your current processes

We will conduct an initial review to understand your current processes and what you need us to do. If there are any changes required we will inform you from the start.


Stay organized even when workers switch between projects or positions

Managing workers on different projects may mean the workers have different pay rates, bill rates and expenses. These details are taken into account when we prepare payroll and invoices. Simply grant us viewing priviledges to your existing project management software to ensure we’re on the same page.

Create a guest account on your current slack channels where discussions about projects and rates are happening. This can serve as a valuable resource where we have project visibility to know when work functionality or rates change.


Verification of data

When you get a report about the hours worked or payroll, know that this information has gone through multiple checks by our data verification teams. We create a process document after we understand your working procedures, this process determines how your information is processed by our team.

We cannot pomise that we will never make a mistake but the mistakes in the beginning are a valuable tool to create a seamless process that ensures accuracy over the longterm.


Run payroll, invoices or reports easily

You will receive a verified spreadsheet that has the information about your workers, hours and rates. We can take this information and start the process of running payroll, generating invoices or creating a specific report you need.

You have the option to add responsibilities to our team so that you can focus on the important decisions that will help your organization grow.


Our Insights

You can tell us about your exact requirements and we will create a plan to meet
your business goals. These are the steps we follow to get started.

  • Benefits of digital over paper timesheets

    With so many jobs going online globally, so does the practice of tracking time and work. We strive for practicality and efficiency, especially with processes that are brief but accumulate over time (like clearing out your email).

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