We work with the leading payroll companies

Our team has experience with a wide range of payroll companies used by our clients. We will train our team to manage timesheets based on your companies procedures and processes.

You can count on us to provide you an accurate and verified spreadsheet which will have the hours and rates for all your workers across their projects. We can also upload this information to your payroll software in draft mode so you can simply verify and submit.


Payroll calculations: calculate take home pay

Calculating timesheet hours, overtime hours can become complicated based on the state where the work is done or even the type of project. We will maintain the information about where each person is working and make sure to prepare a spreadsheet with gross pay as per your pay schedule.

We have worked on projects where the hourly rate and also the overtime and doubletime limits change based on which shift a worker was in. Our experience handling these scenarios will save you time.


Timesheet management means we verify data

When you get a report about the hours worked or payroll, know that this information has gone through multiple checks by our data verification teams.

We can access the hours worked from a timesheet app program, from email or even a scan of a physical timesheet. Our team will adjust our process to accomodate the working process of your organization.

Every timesheet is scanned, goes through manual data entry and verified to make sure we have information such as work hours, project information or any custom data that is needed from the page.


We run certified and custom payroll formats

Certified payroll is special payroll format specified on some government projects. The process may vary depending on the state but it usually consists of setting up an account with a government department and submitting payroll reports on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

We have experience generating various types of reports for our clients who work with federal or state governments. If you designate this responsibility to us, we will take some company information from you to then register and start generating reports in the required format.

Run payroll more efficiently than before. Our team has seen a varied range of payroll reports and formats in our years of providing payroll services for small business.


Our Insights

You can tell us about your exact requirements and we will create a plan to meet
your business goals. These are the steps we follow to get started.

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