Send invoices for completed projects quickly

Delays in sending invoices after a project is complete will lead to waiting longer to get paid. Our team of bookkeepers can help to ensure timely invoicing while you're busy making sure the project is successful.

We take the time to understand your working process so that each invoice we send is accurate which translates to getting paid faster.


Accounts receivable monitoring and follow up

There is nothing more frustrating than watching the bank balance go down because payments are late in coming in. Our team can help to monitor your outstanding invoices to take appropriate actions when due dates for payments are missed.

Most of the invoicing programs have automated reminders that are sent to the client when an invoice becomes overdue. Our team can do some additional followups by phone, email or text. We have a certain time pattern we follow that has given us good results but we will follow your instructions if you want to provide some grace period as an example.


We have worked with the leading platforms

Our team is trained on a variety of programs, they are quickbooks certified as an example. If you are using the common platforms, create a sub-account for us and we'll be ready to go.

If you are using a different platform that we have not used, we can still help. We will record your procedure by screenshare so we can train our team accordingly.

You benefit from not having to learn a new system or deal with copying data from one program to another. Invoices will get sent out efficiently and you will end up having more time.


We can help with your complicated projects

Some projects are easy to invoice, the same line items, the same project costing sheet. Our real value comes out on the projects which have many moving parts. A project where we have labor billed at different rates, equipment charges, drive time and per diem. We ensure that information remains organized during the project so invoicing will be a straightforward process

It is easy to get a hold of us and we are working to add more people to our team to be able to provide faster service. We want to be available to answer your questions quickly


Our Insights

You can tell us about your exact requirements and we will create a plan to meet
your business goals. These are the steps we follow to get started.

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