We’re trained in leading payroll systems

Our team is experienced in leading payroll systems such as QuickBooks and ADP WorkforceNow. We will also train our team members according to your company’s payroll and timesheet procedures and processes.

You can count on us to provide accurate and verified spreadsheets with the hours and rates for all your workers across their projects. This information can also be synced with your payroll software, so you can easily verify and run payroll.


Payroll calculations: we’ll dot the i’s & cross the t’s

Timesheet calculations can get complicated when there are overtime hours for different types of projects done in varying states. We’ll keep an updated spreadsheet documenting the information for easy visibility of the gross pay based on your pay schedule.

We’ve had extensive experience dealing with changing hourly rates, overtime, and double time limits. Our expertise in managing these tasks will boost your payroll efficiency and accuracy.


A multi-layered verification process for your timesheet data

All the information in our payroll reports go through verification by multiple parties to confirm timesheet authenticity and accuracy of calculations.

We’ll capture the hours worked via a timesheet app, emails, or by scanning physical timesheets. We can adapt our working process to accommodate your organization’s needs.

The data captured from the timesheets is processed via manual data entry and verified to ensure all relevant information is recorded, e.g. work hours, project information, and any custom data. Timesheet hours are calculated based on your state laws or any specific formulas provided.


We run certified and custom payroll formats

Certified payroll is a special payroll format for certain government projects. The process may vary depending on the state but it usually involves setting up an account with a government department and submitting payroll reports on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

We’re experienced in generating various types of reports for clients working with federal and state governments. We’re more than happy to get you set up for generating certified or custom payroll formats if this is what you’re looking for.

Run payroll more efficiently and productively. Leave it to us to get your workers paid correctly, on time, while you focus on growing your business.

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