Prompt invoicing for timely payments

If you’re experiencing delayed payments, could it be due to an invoicing backlog? Our team of bookkeepers will stay on top of your invoicing to ensure punctual payments.

We will make every effort to understand your workflow processes so we can ensure accurate invoicing for timely payments.


Accounts receivable monitoring and follow up

Smooth cash flow is critical to keep any business running. Overdue payments will affect your operational activities and impact your ability to deliver. We’ll monitor your accounts receivable and take necessary actions to keep the funds flowing.

To maintain positive working relations with your customers, we’ll analyze their payment history before deciding on the best follow-up approach when they miss a payment. We have a process in place that has produced good results, but we will follow your lead if you have specific procedures or special terms.


Extensive experience with leading accounting programs

In addition to being QuickBooks-certified, our team is trained and experienced in leading accounting programs. Whichever platform you’re using, all you need to do is create a user account for us and we’ll be set.

In the event that you’re using a program we’re not familiar with, we’ll document the process via screenshare so we can get our team members up to speed.

You won’t have to learn a new system or deal with transferring data from one program to another. We’ll get your invoicing and books in shape quickly and efficiently.


We excel in invoicing for complex projects

Simple projects with the same line items and costings—we can manage those in our sleep. Our true value lies in our expertise in projects with many moving parts. Projects that involve different labour rates, equipment charges, drive time, per diem, etc—those are our specialty. We’ll keep all the information organized throughout the project so invoicing will be a breeze.

You can always get hold of us if you have any concerns or require additional support. We strive to provide prompt and efficient customer service at all times.


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