Comparison of the top four time keeping apps

Workforce management is a set of processes that help to maximize employee productivity. And keeping a track of employee attendance and their working hours is a crucial aspect of it. In 2021 when most organizations have switched partly, or in some cases wholly, to remote working systems, a staff timesheet app becomes more important. Companies need a time tracking app to better regulate everyone’s productivity and improve team management. 

How to Choose the Best Time Tracking App for Your Organization? 


For many small or medium-sized businesses, pricing is often the primary factor in choosing a time tracking software for their organization. But if you’re comparing costs, make sure you also assess the features and services provided by each app vis-à-vis their cost. One thing to especially keep in mind is the number of users that an app allows on a particular plan. 


Are you only looking for employee tracking via a digital clocking-in system? Or do you also require GPS tracking and geofencing to track mobile workers? Would you like project management and data reporting features? Have a clear understanding of what you expect from your organization’s time tracking app so you can start looking for the right one. 


Can your timekeeping app be integrated with accounting software to raise invoices? Can it be synced with payroll software for automated salary processing? Companies often choose a staff timesheet app based on the additional features it provides.


Hubstaff is an all-in-one time tracking app that comes with powerful employee monitoring and project management capabilities. It allows managers to track system records to show what web pages and apps your employee is using. They can capture desktop screenshots and see what their employees are doing at the exact moment. 

What’s more, Hubstaff even lets you track your employees even when they are out of the office. This is especially useful for field agents such as sales and delivery personnel. This work timesheet app comes with a GPS tracking feature that keeps a track of employee productivity by calculating how much time is spent on the road and how much time is spent on a job site. Managers can see where their employees are at any given moment, and whether they should be there. 

Hubstaff time tracking app is an ideal fit for companies that have a high number of remote workers, field agents, contractors, and freelancers.

Special features:

  • Timesheet templates
  • Employee GPS tracking
  • Auto screenshots
  • Set up payrolls for team members and projects 
  • Automated payroll 


  • Free Plan: Applicable for 1 single user 
  • Basic Plan: $7 per user every month 
  • Premium Plan: $10 per user every month 
  • Enterprise Plan: 20$ per user every month


Harvest is a work timesheet app that allows you to clock in and clock out with a stopwatch feature for precise time tracking. You can easily track the number of hours spent on individual tasks or a particular project. It collects the data and creates intuitive reports, allowing managers to better view what their team has been working on. This allows companies to make informed decisions about resource allocation. 

Harvest is also an excellent app for expense monitoring. Keep all your receipts in one place and add details to each expense made. Once a project is finished, companies can also send invoices to clients directly from the app with PayPal or Stripe. If a client ever forgets to pay on time, the app even sends them a polite reminder. 

Harvest combines employee time tracking with expense tracking capabilities. It is perfect for small businesses, start-ups, and freelancers.

Special features:

  • Accurate time tracking 
  • Easy expense monitoring 
  • Prepare visual reports 
  • Automatically create and send invoices to clients, and receive payments 
  • Send automatic payment reminders to clients 


  • Free Plan: Only for 1 user and 2 projects maximum 
  • Paid Plan: $12 per user per month for unlimited projects

QuickBooks Time (or T-Sheets) 

Attendance timesheets are an organizational hassle to maintain. They are time-consuming and can be prone to errors or inaccuracy if filled manually. QuickBooks Time is an easy-to-use staff timesheet app that allows employees to clock in and out with a single click. Employees can punch in by using the app on a computer, laptop, or mobile phone. Employees also have the option to attach photos of their work, an especially helpful feature for field agents. 

QuickBooks Time keeps track of employee working hours, along with holidays, sick days, and paid time off. It can also be used to prepare employee schedules and shift timings, and then share them with the entire team. 

The time tracking app comes with GPS tracking and geofencing features. It allows companies to track their employees from anywhere and sends them reminders to clock in and clock out when entering or leaving a job site. Companies can also use the QuickBooks Time Kiosk for tracking attendance that supports facial recognition and uses PIN codes to clock in employees when they arrive at a job site. 

What’s best is that the QuickBooks Time app can be synced with many popular accounting software such as QuickBooks Sage, Xero, and more. Once the timesheets are generated, it can automatically manage the payroll processing. 

From small- and mid-sized businesses to large enterprises, it is beneficial for all organizations where accuracy and economy are given importance.

Special features:

  • GPS-based real-time attendance tracking for mobile workers 
  • Timesheet planning and project overviews
  • Automated payroll and invoicing for swift processing and reduces costs 
  • Time Clock Kiosk


  • Premium Plan: $8 per user per month + $20 base fee per month
  • Elite Plan: $10 per user per month + $40 base fee per month


Gusto is primarily a payroll app, but it also provides easy and efficient solutions for tracking employee work hours. Available on both desktop and mobile devices, employees and contractors can easily clock in their hours. Companies can get a better understanding of their project costs and team efficiency by getting detailed reports that breaks down hourly work as per project, task, employee, and time period. 

What’s even more, the employee hours in Gusto can be easily integrated with their payroll system for payroll processing. Generate automated payrolls for your entire team by taking into account each employee’s work hours, holidays, and paid time off. Their timekeeping app does not have features such as GPS tagging or being able to screenshots. This is a good tool for office workers.

Special features: 

  • Time tracking for payroll
  • Project tracking and workforce costing
  • Accounting integrations


  • Core Plan: $6 per user per month + $39 base fee per month
  • Complete Plan: $12 per user per month + $39 base fee per month


Timesheet apps are extremely useful in workforce management. They help in keeping track of employee productivity, guide managers in better resource allocation, and automate payroll processing. While selecting a work timesheet app, companies should pay attention to each app’s features and how it can help their business. Make a choice that is best suited for your organization. KWs used – Staff timesheet app, Work timesheet app