Business data is your friend

As a business owner, you’re likely always looking for ways to improve your bottom line. Businesses rely on data analysis to find opportunities and make better decisions. With the right tool, you can unlock the potential in your data and drive your business forward.

Single source of truth

When making decisions, it is best to be armed with the most updated information. This means that your system should have a single source of truth and you will find this makes project planning much easier as well because all data relating to them can come from one place instead of several sources

A company’s business complexity increases over time; therefore having rich dashboards are critical in helping to make informed timely choices In our fast paced world where everyone wants faster turnaround times we use these systems to get valuable business insights.

Front office-back office connections are the key to hitting our financial goals. CFOs want lower costs, more efficiency and higher value for their companies – all of which can be accomplished with this connection in place!

Front-office employees interact with customers, taking and placing orders for them while ensuring that every customer has an excellent experience!

The back office of a company is what ensures that all operations and daily business goes smoothly. Employees in this section do not have direct contact with customers, but they work to make sure everything runs as planned!

A better way to plan

The analytics dashboard is the backbone of any company’s future. Without one, plans are just that – dead Ends! Companies like 7io provide custom analysis on your data so you get the benefits of our teams years of data analysis skills and realtime connection to your business data.

Organizations have a dizzying amount of data to sort through, and if it’s not at their fingertips, it could impact their business before they can say, “How did we lose money on that project?”

An analytics hub like 7io that pulls in all relevant data is a necessity todays businesses. What better way to build the front office-back office connection than simplifying into a single source of truth?

With the help of 7io, RamGopal was able to automate 80% of her companies business processes and do it in much shorter time period. The financial data is now accessible from one system which reduces both wasted time as well as flexibility for future growth opportunities that may arise!