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The Power of Data: Boost Your Business

As a business owner, you’re likely always looking for ways to improve your bottom line. Businesses rely on data analysis to find opportunities and make better decisions. With the right tool, you can unlock the potential in your data and drive your business forward.

A construction company faced two quarters of negative sales numbers. To better understand the situation, they distributed a survey to their customer database. The response was better than expected; customers shared their experiences and valuable feedback through a mixture of comments and multiple-choice answers. The challenge lay in transforming this influx of data into actionable insights.

That’s where Microsoft’s Power BI came into play. This comprehensive data visualization tool proved invaluable for sifting through the responses and presenting the results in a digestible format. It offered easy-to-use templates, requiring no data science background to manipulate or understand. Moreover, the tool’s extensive documentation provided solutions whenever challenges arose.

The insights gleaned from the Power BI visualizations were eye-opening. For instance, the company discovered that their multi-unit property owner clients struggled to secure maintenance contracts during the downturn. This insight prompted the construction company to revise their strategy, focusing on addressing this specific customer need.

As a company’s business complexity increases over time, having rich dashboards becomes critical to make timely, informed decisions. The Power BI tool didn’t just save significant time in data processing but also facilitated a better understanding of customer needs, leading to improved business decisions.

In another instance, a two-year-old e-commerce company selling handmade jewelry faced a unique challenge. They tracked sales leads through HubSpot and ran paid Facebook ads, which resulted in a diverse range of sales pipeline data. However, they found themselves hindered by fluctuating product margins and difficulties sharing data among their sales and customer success teams.

That’s where our team at 7io stepped in. We delved into the company’s processes and workflows and identified the relevant data points to monitor. A customizable dashboard from SimpleKPI, a platform offering a variety of plans, including a free version, was the solution. An analytics dashboard is the backbone of any company’s future. Without one, plans can become merely dead ends!

With the SimpleKPI dashboard, efficiency skyrocketed across the board. It provided an at-a-glance overview of product performance and profit margins, bringing clarity and transparency to the entire team. This facilitated data-driven decision-making, fostering cooperation and coherence among team members.

In both these instances, data visualization tools didn’t just improve efficiency – they catalyzed transformative change, empowering companies to make smarter, more informed decisions.

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